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Our History
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Our History

Marine Parade Town Council was inaugurated on 5 July 1989 following the passage of the Town Councils Act in 1988. It officially took over the management of public housing estates and related facilities within its boundaries from the Housing and Development Board on 1 January 1990.
Currently, it has a total of 57, 928 residential units under its management. In addition, it manages 2,753 commercial units comprising shops, hawker stalls and market.
Through the committee system of management, teams of dedicated professionals participate in decision-making process over a wide range of matters to improve the standard and quality of the Town’s living environment.
At the same time, the Town Council seeks to encourage residents to manage their own estates and living environment, as well as creating opportunities for elected members to develop and exercise their leadership skills.

Our Emblem

Marine Parade
The Town Council's emblem was launched on 7 October 1993. The emblem is a representation of the Town Council’s primary role, which entails the effective and efficient management of the Town and its amenities.

The three blue wavy bands depict the housing blocks of varied designs within the town and its tranquil proximity to the sea. The vibrant turquoise triple 'M' motif symbolises the Town Council's growth and dynamism, as well as its aim to create a happy community in a friendly environment. It also symbolises a close and united community.