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Calling for Ideas - Play for Thrill

01 Nov

Cool Ideas for Better HDB Living Contest is back!

Design a new generation of playgrounds to encourage creative play for a new generation of children, and share your idea to by 31 Dec 2016.

Your ideas will subsequently be posted on the Cool Ideas for Better HDB Living Facebook Page for sharing and voting. Please indicate "Cool Ideas on Play For Thrill" in the subject title. Your proposal should include the following:
(a) Title/ Name of your Proposed Idea
(b) Summary of Proposal (In not more than 100 words)
(c) Describe in details and include sketches, diagrams, and/or images
(d) Highlight how your idea addresses the following:
•  Innovation
•  Practicality
•  Cost Effectiveness
•  Aesthetics
•  Any other benefits
(e) Your name and contact number

More information:

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